Factory – Austral Marine



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All moulds are engineered and fabricated in our own facility, using the very best tooling gelcoat and Iso resin throughout, supported by steel reinforcement. The quality of the product produced from a mould is dependant on the quality of the mould itself, and no time or effort are spared in this regard.

Gelcoating and Laminating

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All gelcoats are applied by state of the art spray equipment which ensures perfect and consistent catalysation at all times. Some of the smaller coloured areas are applied by hand by skilled staff.

Masking of the moulds prior to applying the gelcoat is an art in itself and our staff in this department are of the best – no painting is done on the boats once they are removed from the moulds. We use only NPG gelcoats, which are the best available for the marine environment – they cost more because they are the best!


All fibreglass is hand laid, with the exception of some of the smaller component parts, which incorporate RTM to achieve good finishes on both sides. We believe that hand laid hulls and tops, if properly done, still give the best results and are more easily supervised for quality. All resin is issued to the job using automatic catalyst dispensers.


This ensures perfect mixing and addition of the catalyst, dependant on temperature and humidity.Reinforcement materials such as woven rovings, chop strand mat and Coremat are cut to patterns and marked to ensure, visibly, that the correct materials have been used, in the correct quantities, in the right areas.


Transoms, Underdecks and Floors


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All timbers used in reinforcing are either Meranti or imported hardwood ply from Brazil. All timber is pretreated before being bonded and encapsulated to ensure long life and greater strength. All transoms, underdecks and floors are fitted before the hull is released from the mould to ensure that the correct shape is maintained.

High density Polyurethane foam is injected into the space between hull and floor while the hull is still in the mould. This foam further strengthens the hull and serves as flotation required by our regulatory bodies for this purposeAll boats fulfill the flotation requirements for the category for which they are manufactured and marketed.


Stainless Steel Fittings


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Stainless steel fittings such as bowrails and ski-wings are all manufactured in-house. This gives us better control over quality and finish.


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Windscreens are all fabricated in our own plant. Screens are made from high quality imported acrylic while some of our top-line models are fitted with screens using toughened and laminated safety glass. A purpose made hydraulic bending machine ensures that aluminium extrusions are bent with accuracy and consistency.


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Our upholstery department is one of the best in the business and this is due, in no small way, to the quality of our staff and the pride that they take in their work. Our upholstery material is all imported and specifically manufactured for the marine environment. Different types of foam are used to ensure both comfort and firmness and cushions are covered with plastic film before being covered to prevent water absorption.

All timber bases are of the highest quality and treated to withstand moisture. Komacel bases are used on our top-line models. Komacel is a composite material which will not warp or absorb moisture in any amount. All staples and screws are stainless steel and brass throughout the boat.




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Assembly of hull and deck and all component parts is done on a production line basis. Each step is taken with the best attention to detail and quality, to ensure that the finished product meets with the customer approval for which it was created.

Hull and deck, once they have been correctly joined by way of the gun`l bead, are bonded together with a fiberglass sandwich which gives a one-piece construction of the boat. All interior divisions and bulkheads are similarly bonded and then painted with surface coat resin where necessary. Carpeting is manufactured to our requirements and withstands the environment for which it is designed. Special nylon washers are fitted under all stainless rails where they meet the deck, to give protection to the gelcoated surface and prevent damage.


Engine Installation


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All our inboard models have the engine fitted by us prior to delivery to the dealer. Staff have been trained by the engine distributors to make sure that installations meet with factory requirements.

All motors are tested and run before they leave our factory and subjected to a computerised diagnostic check. The records of these tests are submitted to the distributor for possible future reference. Our dealers are required to perform further pre-delivery checks and inspections prior to delivery.