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There is a great need for many boats, built prior to 2004, to have flotation material added in order to comply with current regulations.

Boats that do not comply may not be allowed onto the water, particularly where these waters are controlled by any regulatory body. We can solve your problem ! Any boats that have been built by us can be retro-foamed to comply with the regulations. An official buoyancy Certificate, which is accepted by the Authorities, will be supplied.
Customers who bring their boat for foaming may wish to upgrade things like upholstery – it`s much cheaper than buying a new boat.
Extras such as Wakeboard Towers ( we represent the AIRBORNE range ) can be fitted to your Angler in the best possible way.
Windscreens that have become jaded can be replaced. Have you lost your Flotation Certificate, or don`t know whether your boat has the flotation or not ? Contact us to find out. If your boat was foamed during manufacture we can supply a copy of the certificate at no cost.
We will give you good, honest advice on any aspect of all our models.


Don`t forget that, apart from the new regulations regarding flotation requirements, you also need to be in possession of a Skippers Ticket (Driver`s License) suitable for the application that concern you. Don`t be hard-headed on this one, safety on the water is in everyone`s best interest. Do the right thing and enjoy your boating. Contact your nearest dealer to find out who is running courses in your area.

Trailer Servicing

Have your trailer checked at regular intervals. Your boat spends more time on the trailer than in does in the water. Things like brakes, wheel bearings and tyres can cause a terrible accident if they are not kept in good condition and operational.